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    Path of Exile Templar Build Based on its Passive Skill Tree

    When I first come into the game, I was totally attracted by the amazing passive skill tree, and it is also a problem for newbie in the game. It is the same case in me. When I first create the role templar in the path of ...


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    Witch Build for Higher Level in POE

    I would like to discuss a build for witch at higher level, namely 60 level or even higher. The skill that I use are totem, spell, trap and minion, I also use the Chaos Inoculation which require a high energy shield to me...


  • Path of Exile Guide for Marauder Newbie

    Marauder is the profession which is easy to operate. From the figure which belongs to the kind of tough skin and flesh and not so fragile. The starting weapon can be directly join the melee battle, talent is the road in ...


  • What Attract You Most in Path of Exile?

    More and more people choose to play POE in their summer vacation. We can't help to consider that what makes this game so charming? It is obvious from the hot deal in path of exile currency that POE players are crazier ab...


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    Path of Exile Cold Witch Build Sharing

    The most attractive place of POE is rather flexible playing ways, whether you like it or not and equipment is suitable or inappropriate. As your equipment is advanced, your fighting will be greatly reduced without the go...


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    A Simple Introduction to

    Welcome to our professional path of exile store, we offer you a fast and safe poe service here. When you come to our store, you will be treated warmly. You will notice that the path of exile items and the orbs have bee...


  • My Experience in Merciless As a Ranger

    I was at the level of 68 when I begin Merciless. I think it is a little pity that this game has only three maps and a simple story without the wonderful CG effect. My items are pretty normal because of the low MF, so the...


  • The Growth of a Marauder in Path of Exile

    Marauder is an easy build in the path of exile. Unlike Shadow or Witch, which have so many different builds and sometimes we need to rebuild it when it comes to level 50 and level 70, Marauder has just one principle, mak...


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    Three Ways to Purchase Path of Exile Items Currency Easy is a professional online store with all sorts of POE items. When you visit the site, you will be amazed by our complete goods and thoughtful services. This following article is about the method of...


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    A Revolutionary Way for POE Temper Build:Keystone Chaos Inoculation

    More and more builds are related with Chaos Inoculation recently. When the character is leveled up to a high degree and after the process of accumulating equipments, many players with high Energy Shield can use this KEYS...



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