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  • Path of Exile Civil Duelist Vs Vaal Oversoul in Cruel Mode

      When you arrived at cruel ACT2 and encountered the last boss, the normal Duelist generally can get 4 skills as well as the damage about 1000. As for the poor operation player against boss generally use Portal...


  • POE Shadow Build: The Greatest Chaos Damage Attack Ever

    I have tried many Shadow long-distance build recently. And I have found that my existing path of exile items can’t support my attack speed if I want the physical damage. I am not in melee attack, so the survival and dama...


  • Path of Exile Guide: Skill Gems Analysis in Shadow

    As for the support gem fork, I usually use it together with skill gems related with lightning damage, for example Spark + faster casting + fork + added lightning damage. This is not for increase the damage, but to increa...


  • Path of Exile Shadow Build: Critical Ice Shot against Weaver

    You will find it really difficult when you get into the MERCILESS. You need to build a high DPS and Defence, but you can’t achieve what you want in short time. Of course you can buy your needed items in our store www.pat...


  • A Comparative Analysis on POE Shadow Long-distance Build

    Some support gems are really interesting in path of exile, we are here today to discuss two support gems, trap and spell totem. They are really effective in your transition period. If you are not designed as a tank or...


  • Fast POE Leveling Build: Sprint, Totem and Trap

    Some POE players will find that we have to refund some passives in later game as our passives before can not support us well in the high level. So we have to spend the orbs of regret to rebuild it. Actually, when we d...


  • POE Solo Shadow Build with Cold Damage

    There are so many path of exile Shadow build online such as the fast attack + life leech kind, the totem + ice spear type and so on. Nearly all of them have a high requirement to the path of exile items. It is a little d...


  • The Number of Path of Exile Players Is Increasing

    We have to say that the path of exile release on October 23rd is a big success. The number of path of exile players has been increased greatly and it is still increasing. So, what are you waiting for now? Come to us and ...


  • the imperial gardens

    Path of Exile New Map Analysis: The Imperial Gardens

    The Imperial Gardens is a new map in Act 3. It is an important place as it connects many different places. See the pictures below and you will know its basic information easily. If you have already experienced this place...



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