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    Path of Exile Witch Build Based on Icetomb Latticed Ringmail

    We all know that in the game path of exile, one unique item can determine our build sometimes. Today, we will here discuss a witch build based on Icetomb Latticed Ringmail. Welcome to turn to when you...


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    My Own Experience in Path of Exile New Release

    I am a lover of path of exile. And when its new release comes up, I am so excited about the continuous new content showing to me. I will mainly discuss two parts of this release here, and welcome to give us your own idea...


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    Store More Path of Exile Currency for Version 1.0.0

    With the launch of the path of exile 1.0.0, we are so happy to see more and more path of exile players. There are so many new content for us to explore and we players should equip us with more path of exile currency to h...


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    What Is Your Plan for The Coming Halloween in POE?

    Halloween is coming soon and it is a big holiday for path of exile. From the news in the POE official web, there will be a series of activities for us players there. The Demon Hand Pet and Decapitation Helmet Skin will b...


  • The Latest Path of Exile Build of the Week

    We path of exile players are all so excited about the coming release of the POE 1.0.0. The powerful new character Scion is one of the top topics these days. But we still don’t know much about it. There is a news in the...


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    The Mysterious POE Skill Gem Discharge

    Discharge is a powerful path of exile gem, but many players don’t know how to use it. It seems that this mysterious skill can only be mastered thought many trying and experiments. We will here today discuss the basic att...


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    POE Witch Build with Power Siphon

    Power Siphon is not used widely as main skills in path of exile build. But it is really powerful when used properly. Today, we will here to discuss how this skill can help form a great build for path of exile witch. F...


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    The POE Final Release Will Be Launched on October 23

    The final release for path of exile is becoming near and near now, we can see the time reminder on the official forum and the login in place. It is really exciting to see it. We have been in the open beta for a while and...


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    Analysis about the Path of Exile Witch Build

    Witch is a popular class in path of exile as it has the high drop rate and a better access to the unique items in the game. We will analysis some basic tips in POE witch build, wish our topic today can give you some hint...



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