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  • Which Is the Most Important for Your POE Build?

    We all know that there are mainly three factors that determine the path of exile build. They are path of exile items, path of exile gems and passive skill tree. Our topic today is to discuss which one of them is the most...


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    What Do You Think Of the POE Well-dressed Exile Competition?

    POE Well-dressed Exile Competition has been on for about two weeks and now the game developer has picked the favorite ten submissions, we can them clearly from the official web, and we can vote for our favorite one and h...


  • Anarchy and Onslaught Leagues End on October 8

    It is said that the four-month Anarchy and Onslaught leagues end on October 8 (US time). It is a big news for path of exile players, as a professional and responsible supporter, we will offer you some information and gui...


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    About the Path of Exile Gem Molten Shell

    Molten Shell is not that popular used in the path of exile as many people think it is not that useful in the battle. But the truth is, with proper use, it can help us a lot in the game. Let’s get to know its basic eff...


  • Tips to Plan Your POE Passive Skill Tree

    The passive skill tree is a very important part in the POE build. And as it is so complex and difficult to control, many players have to buy the path of exile currency for the regret orbs to make some changes and adjustm...


  • Steps to Down the Path of Exile Bosses

    It is the most exciting part to turn down the bosses in the path of exile. And we can also get many path of exile items from them. But, not all the bosses are easy to turn down in most cases especially when you get into ...


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    POE Quest Analysis: Deal with the Bandits

    We have to say that Deal with the Bandits is a special quest in path of exile as it enables you to choose to help one of them or none of them. And the reward to this quest is also within your choice. I think many path of...


  • Support for Your Path of Exile Race Seasons

    As a path of exile player, we have witnessed four path of exile race seasons till now. And we can the prizes for them is rich and amazing. All the players have equal rights to get them. The race season four is just finis...


  • Do You Think Witch is the Best Class to Farm POE Items?

    In the game path of exile, farming path of exile items has become a goal for POE players, and many players have their own way to farm the items they want. Our topic today is, do you think with is the best class to farm P...


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    Some Information about the Path of Exile Duelist Build

    Duelist in the path of exile can satisfy many people’s imagination to the character in a game. he is handsome and charming, powerful and graceful. I think he is a good choice for many path of exile players. And in the La...



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