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    POE Two- Hand Hammer Melee Marauder Build with Five Auras

    I think many Marauder players have a character higher than level 70 till now, and he begin to farm path of exile items in the maps more than 70 level. Many players may be confused to find that the original weapon and ski...


  • Find Your Path of Exile Support in

    It is hard to pass the whole three difficulties simply by one player, so we need some support for our game. Usually, we can find some news and guidance from the official forum. It is really useful. But we can’t find ever...


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    Path of Exile Templar Build with the Elemental Bow

    Templar is a class mainly deals with melee damage, and if you don’t have great path of exile items in Merciless, you will have problem to pass it. So there are many optional choices in later game for a Templar such as th...


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    Find the Most Suitable Unique Items for Your Character in POE

    When we are in the game path of exile, we all want the powerful path of exile items to make us powerful. And I think nearly every POE player desire the top unique items to equip their characters. Are you one of us? The...


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    What Kind of Minions Do You Like Best In POE?

    We all know that there are mainly three minions in the path of exile; they are Skeletons, Zombie and Spectre. And the corresponding summon and spell skills are Summon Skeletons, Raise Zombie and Raise Spectre. And all of...


  • Tips about the Skill Allocation in POE Build

    The skills that we can use in the game path of exile are really numerous, and about its allocation in it is also a hot topic with the popularity of this game. I have some tips for you here from my own experience. The ...


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    Path of Exile Ranger Build as a Tank

    Ranger is a flexible class in POE; we can see from the passive skill tree that Ranger is a class based on one-hand weapon such as bow. But elemental damage can also be added in the skills. Under this situation, most play...


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    Six Coins for You to Know Path of Exile Maps

    Farming and rolling maps are the popular trends in the past ten years since RPG became a factor of raid. Path of Exile, which is called the greatest sequel after Diablo 2, has made a breakthrough in this field. It change...


  • About the POE Latest Version 0.11.4

    Version 0.11.4 has been launched on August 20th, 2013, we can see from the official web that this update is a combination of many changes, and it is a very big patch this time, about 1.83GB. We sincerely wish you can enj...


  • Practical Site Selection about Path of Exile

    Welcome to the professional Path of Exile Items online store. We will provide you huge amounts of cheap service about POE fast and security. Recently, we notice there are some players want to know more detailed informati...



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