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    About the Notable Passives Necromantic Aegis

    Raise Spectre is a popular skill in the path of exile especially for those players who like the summon method. This skill is similar to Raise Zombie and Summon Skeletons, but it has the highest DPS among the three, and i...


  • A Good Way for You to Enjoy POE

    When we are in the game Path of Exile, we sometimes meet some problems and we need some support to help us solve them. Do you have similar experience as us? So what is your solution towards this problem? We are here to s...


  • POE Marauder Build with the Aura Vitality

    I would rather to play solo just because I don’t like the share dropped items system in the party. But it is only my own opinion, it is certainly good to party with your good friends and fight together as a team. So what...


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    Path of Exile Guide for Duelist’s Leap Slam

    As a Duelist in POE, I always use the two-hand weapon. In order to effectively play the role of two-hand weapons,  I match my Duelist with Leap Slam as a main skill in battle.   My Duelist adds quite high A...


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    POE Templar Build Based on the Keystone Eldritch Battery

    When I become to play the game path of exile, I choose to be a Templar as it gives me the impression that he is invincible. Form my own experience; I think it is hard to deal with melee damage as there are so many differ...


  • POE Ranger High-level Element Bow Analysis

    Why do I perfer to choose the elements bow rather than the physical bow ? One reason is that only weapons cause physical damage and physical damage is added by some Coins rather than in proportion. The other is that the ...


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    Ranger Physical Damage Build With a Lioneye's Glare

    Many poe players prefer the elemental damage when they are creating their character. I want to try the physical damage when I create my Ranger. And this idea confirmed when I have a Lioneye's glare. It is obvious t...


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    POE Critical Shadow With a dagger

    Shadow in POE, small and agile, is very suitable for light weapons such as daggers. The combination of a Dagger and a shield increases the chances of survival.  Daggers naturally occur highly critical strike . Accom...


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    Path of Exile Marauder Build without High DPS

    Many POE players think the high DPS is the only way to achieve a better build in the path of exile, but my Marauder build is a build without high DPS, it is also effective in later game, its character is the fast attach ...


  • Marauder Melee Weapon with Both Hands:Chin Sol and Coin Blank

    Since I began playing POE, I have been playing Marauder. I could have created a powerful Marauder with a heavy hammer.  After I got a Chin Sol, I'm just as excited as I seem to discover  the New World ,and I de...


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