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    Height Class of POE Duelist with Double Totems

    It is popular to play POE with double totems. This playing way is beneficial to clearing monsters and upgrade, which is surely security. However, it is often insufficient to kill BOSS. Meanwhile, the way generally depend...


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    Path of Exile Guide: The Element Bow of Ranger Analysis

    When I began to play Path of Exile, I felt very confused. However, after I read the experience of players who have reached the high level, I have the idea to create a role, ranger, with an element bow which is over level...


  • Green Whirling Blades in POE

    I tried several different ways to play the role Shadow in Path of Exile after building a few accounts. I ever learned many other players’ ways from YOUTUBE.COM apart from my own ideas. Generally, the playing ways most of...


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    Path of Exile Witch Skill Build Guide: Summon and Blast

    Witch build is among the most popular kind in Path of Exile. Usually, two or three skills can be a build for a witch, so with so many skill gems, the magical passive skill tree and the unique items in the game, we have s...


  • Get Cheap and Fast Path of Exile Currency from

    Hey, dear players! Have you ever noticed that summer is coming? Have you found a store as your solid support? Have you planed how to upgrade your game level in the following hot days? If your answers are all yes, then co...



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