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POE Witch Build with Power Siphon


Power Siphon is not used widely as main skills in path of exile build. But it is really powerful when used properly. Today, we will here to discuss how this skill can help form a great build for path of exile witch.

First of all, let’s know something about this skill first, it is really a beautiful skill. My last role is Templar and he used to use the staff as her weapon. But this skill needs the wand to play his power, so I decide to choose the witch for it. “Fires your wand, dealing increased damage and granting you a power charge if an enemy is killed by, or soon after, the hit”, it is the word in its explanation. And the attack speed and the casting speed also increased with its level up.

I choose the physical damage as this skill helps me gain a certain percentage of physical damage. My witch can charge power from the killed enemies, so I don’t need to worry about the blood that much. But I need to increase the mana of my character to make it full of energy in the fight. Also, to find some necessary support gems and path of exile items to support this skill is also important.

Skill combination:
Power Siphon + Weapon Elemental Damage + Chain + [Lesser Multiple Projectiles]
You can also add Item Rarity here if you want. Find some way to increase your mana if you choose Chain as your support gem.

I choose a Spiked Shield for protection as it can help me reflects physical damage to melee attackers. And in the passive skill tree, try to find a way to increase the mana and the chance to hit rate are both important.

It is my witch build with the skill Power Siphon, it is really beautiful and powerful, wish it can help you gain a better build.


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