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Suggestions for You to Use Auras Better in POE


We all know that auras are pretty useful in path of exile, and there are mainly two kinds of auras in it, one reserves mana from a certain number while the other one reserve mana from a certain percentage. Both of them need mana, and it will result in a lack of mana if we can't do something to solve it.

The first thing come into our mind maybe the support gem reduce mana, yes, it is of course right to gain the chance to use more auras at the same time, but it is still not enough. Most players will notice that the life volume is much larger than the mana volume. So, maybe we should find some way to use your blood as mana. And a suggested way is to use aura with a fixed number cost in life, and use aura with a fixed percent cost in mana. It means blood magic can also be used here. And there is also a very important principal here, to ensure you have enough mana to use is more important than to open a new aura, don't be too greedy.

In the passive skill trees, there are two reduce mana reservation Coin. One is in the middle of maurauder and templar, the other one is in the left hand of the duelist. It can help you to reduce the percentage of the mana cost and it is certainly have better effect on the auras with a fixed percentage mana cost.

There are also some path of exile items that can help us to have a better effect on auras. I will show you an example here, Alpha's how, you can see its attributes from the attached picture. It can +2 level of aura gems in it and have 8% reduced mana reserved. These are very unique and important effect for us. And this item have a 4 links in three colors, it means we can use different auras in it as we wish.

There is also one more thing here for you to notice, if you put the aura in the sockets of your weapon, you will see that some new attributes have been added to your weapon with the aura on.

These are some suggestions for auras in path of exile; wish it can help you to enjoy your game more.


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