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The Introduction of Lacerate Skill Path of Exile




This is a very interesting skill of close combat, range and attack, as some of the contents below.

1. First slash 2 times the waves of sword force, the more the waves away from you, the more width of the sword arc.

2. The range is the distance between waves away and from widen the sword, so basically it's a remote skills.

3. Wielding sword span after the releasing from front and back, it can hit a target at the same time in the connection.

The Feature of Range and Distance:

The first time to use this skill, I think this is a good double hand skill, dual holding high attack speed can make this skill double seriously injured of the target.

You can get a lot of range bonus, but seeing a lot more advanced double hands damage, I pondered, that's when a weapon came into my mind, and it's Wings of Entropy.


First it's a double hands weapon, but it's regarded as a double holding weapon too. So he will get bonus from the double holding the injury bonus and attack speed, and dual-carrying 15% of the block comes with.

Talent and jewelry holding hands both can increase power.

This is a typical weapon, following this idea, I decided to use this weapon to build BD.

The Advantages and Disadvantages


Low cost

Excellent damage

A large range, clear map comfortable

The core weapons and equipment cheap, a WOE a naked head can be.

To enhance the visual pleasure


Still a close combat

Armor is lower than before, and some need to dodge.

Because it is wasteland talent, no equipment to play with, so it’s difficult to play some difficult BOSS too early.

Stressed out resistance, need to use jewelry to solve

Multiple attacks under the impact of attack everywhere, the initial attack is not comfortable under the this scenario.

Double anti-map, can not absorb the figure without solution

Anti-map by changing the belt to play

Meta-map anti through the non-open ring 

The Role Recommended

In this range of skills under the demand, it is strongly recommended to play the Slayer


The core advantage lies in

1. Under the battle can get 40% bonus.

2. 20% blood beheaded! This is critical.

3. Kill the elite and BOSS, get 20 seconds onslaught! 

4. Endless hunger, and kill the damage to absorb life, faster to achieve high back to life.

5. Anti-relief, after killing more damage.

Advance Order


A is a high-level map which can be used with the advanced Coin. You can remove the 4 out A, and A can greatly enhance the viability.


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