Standard Hardcore
Tempest Warbands

The Skill of Berserker Ice Bow Path of Exile


The BD's career is the Marauder, the upgraded Berserker. The main skill is Ice Shot and Barrage. This is a mainstream career. By using Berserker the Ascendancy Classes - Winds of Reaver, which can trigger 100% attack life leech, even solve the BOSS and mobs 99% easily after the formation, what you should care is to avoid the BOSS critical strike (eg : Shaper taking the floor and black ball). There are threw sublimation talent which provides a large number of injuries and attack speed, clear mobs and BOSS efficiency greatly improved!


Weapon: Lioneye's Glare, Imperial Bow 

Arrow Quiver: The Signal Fire, Fire Arrow Quiver

Helmet: Rat's Nest, Ursine Pelt

Gloves: Maligro's Virtuosity, Deerkin Gloves


Killing efficiency of mobs after BD: fast

Killing efficiency of BOSS after BD: fast

Defense capability after BD: medium

Run maze efficiency: medium

Cost: low!

BD advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: clear mobs perfect, perfect killing BOSS efficiency, a great sense of combat, and very good visual effect

Disadvantages: unable to play elements of anti-injury map, unable to play the map of no sucking


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