Standard Hardcore
Tempest Warbands

BD Developed by the New Flask Path of Exile 2.6


A few Coins you should pay attention to:

1. Because the binding of Unique becomes more, it is not recommended to use the BD for the first land reclamation. The best way is to collect all the Unique and then play, the skilled play shall not care this rule.

2. New player do not play this BD


The Bismuth Flask comes with 35% total Elemental Resistances, and it can be up to 53% Elemental Resistances in the BUFF. The awesome Coin is affix, that is to say, when you have same two resistances, the two resistance will be affected by the potion effect, such as: your resistance is the fire resistence 160, ice resistance 140, electric resistance 160, you will also have the reward of fire wear and electric wear, while it can reduce your ice injury.

When your three absolute resistances are exactly the same:

You will also penetrate three resistances at the same time, and it will reduce the damage you have suffered with the three. With help of the drug BUFF it can reach 30% of the whole element penetration (30% of the elements penetrate when faced with T16BOSS and shaper, can share 50% More, the reward is very impressive), 15% of the whole element reduced injury.

But it should be noted that this resistance balance requires exact calculation to prepare before the equipment. If you flip this order, it may be very troublesome, and if you need to change one equipment, maybe the whole equipment need be changed after the adjustment.




I recommend the tornado shooting on the skill selection. Tornado basically shoot with no dead angle in response to the group. The safety greatly increased, efficiency is also leveled, and the monomer in the eight female arrows can cause the highest hit 8 times, while the scope of application and operational difficulty is much better than the barrage, so the monomer is also recommended to use tornado shooting. Such a set of skills can be generic monomer and groups, but also increase the brush fluency.

6L: Tornado Shot + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Physical to Lightning + Elemental Focus + Weapon Elemental Damage + Increased Critical Strikes (5L replaced Elemental Focus)

6L: Tornado Shot + Physical Projectile Attack Damage + Physical to Lightning + Elemental Focus + Weapon Elemental Damage + Increased Critical Strikes (5L replaced Elemental Focus (Elemental Focus))

4L: Hatred + Herald of Ash + Herald of Thunder + 3 Enlighten (if no Enlighten don’t use the lightning first, while lightning can also replace the lightning Arctic Armor to provide better survival)

4L: 20 Cast when Damage Taken + 20 Summon Ice Golem + Blink Arrow


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