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Tempest Warbands

Advanced Skill on the Calculation of Penetration Path of Exile



As the name suggests, penetration is the resistance to elemental damage, used to reduce the damage to your own elements.

• Penetration bounce back damage

Fire Penetration, Cold Penetration, Lightning Penetration are totally called elemental penetration.

Chaotic penetration does not belong to elemental resistance.

• The limit of penetration is 75%, and the maximum resistance can be improved by means of Passive and potion (if the maximum resistance is more than 100%, the calculation is only 100%)

In the general difficulty of the characters default 0%, brutal -20%, ruthless -60%


Elements Penetration

Elements penetration is a way to reduce target element resistance.

• Elements penetration reduce target resistance, reducing the maximum resistance.

• Elements penetration can be reduced by elemental resistance to negative values, and there is no minimum limit.

• Elements penetration only affects Hit, so it is not applicable for dot(damage over time).

Other ways to reduce the penetration of the target element: Curse, Frost Bomb, and reduced Cold Penetration within range etc.

This category is ‘reduced’ rather than ‘penetrated’, which is reduced from the current penetration of the monster (non-maximum penetration, which can also be reduced to a negative number).


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