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How to Play BD Ice Whirlpool Totem of Path of Exile


Direct hit damage: 183691 * 1.5 power * 1.08 (1.2 assassin hit 4 fold) * 1.06 resistance gain loss = 315434

Head 4L lit damage: 315434 * (highlights injury 0.05 * 13 * 13 + equipment talent jewelry 350%) * head 4L1.3more * low blood 1.3 * normalizing 1.59 * concentrated 1.59 * precision 1.44 * power 1.5 * 0.2 Burning discount = 6957306

But this build sometimes can be confusing, cause the conditions must be all reached, once less than one of conditions, the dps could be very low. It is easy to be fooled around.


Thieves: witch 60 magic, slay, slay

Binding equipment: The beast fur shawl, flame flame ring (more low-end can be the three leading to solve resistance), back to the blood necklace. Three pieces, other equipment scraping 135% mixed.

Skills Even Method: Spell Totem - Swirl - Precision - Probability Ignition - Range Expanded - Reduced / Time Shortened

Curse + Elemental Phase: Scenario 1: Storm Swirl - Hit Curse - crit rate - flammable Scenario 2: Storm Swirl - crit rate, curse aura - flammable

Halo: vitality, fire resistance, discipline, enlightenment, blood magic, clear (used to lower blood) halo also low blood and no blood, self-adjustment.

The rest: the stone man - ridicule totem - totem and summon resistance, normal fire, flash, Walter lightning trap, injury release - immortal - time extension. 


The cost of totem comparatively cheap, clothes 30c, necklace below 10c, shield only 20c. There are two kinds of programs, the first is the use of shadow fans to reduce hatred. The second is the use of ridicule totem to transfer hatred, both safe. I am using the second program right now.


In the directly hurt above, coc is out of range for not overloaded with element, only count sense of electricity.

We count the totem of the direct hit, assuming the panel 10000,: 10000 * 1.4 element overload * 1.5 power * 1.59 concentration = 33390

Light damage: 33390 * 1.3 low blood * 1.4 element overload * 1.5 power * 1.59 concentration * 1.59 normalizing * 1.44 precision * 0.2 burning discount * 0.76 three totem less = 504405 million per second, because the combustion is not superimposed, three totem ice pad dot can be considered a little.

If you consider yourself to output, skills to put the head, there are 30% elements more. To abandon the cwdt3, crit rate or flash. 






Burning flame ring, beast fur shawl, these two are legendary, relatively easy to find. The necklace above I said, the blessing of stone can wash to 1.6% after the purchase.  


Analysis of the characteristics of the skills: France injury on the subsequent sustained injury effective. Meaning spell damage and more can be counted twice. And the year of the poison to repeat the calculation of a nature. And then use the addition to the skills chain to add (low blood, sensible, overload, normalizing, thugs 40more)

First hit: skills fixed damage * talent equipment jewelry increase law injury * skills chain more spell damage (crit bonus, concentrated, accurate) * skills outside the chain 5 more

The second time in the direct calculation on the basis of a time: [first hit: skills fixed damage * talent jewelery increase law injury * skills chain more spell damage (crit bonus, concentrated, accurate) * skills outside the chain 5 more] * talent equipment jewelery increase law injury * skills chain more spell damage (crit bonus, concentrated, accurate) * skills outside the chain 5 more

Thugs take the giant spectrum line is possible to achieve 8 more are present. 1 million damage continuous by 1 +8 + 1 +8 = 18 times, the damage does not break the sky.  

Elements to the manual version: comes with elements of proliferation, sublimation comes with a sense of electricity, good single brush experience, more team accidents.

Yellow circle: 90 or more in consideration.

Red circle: correction TT version with, remove tt damage, plus elemental injury, tt injury from ignited bonus.

Blue Circle: Alternative, intuitive jump gem.

Pink circle: free halo program, 1 is a talent plus 45 plus 80% of shoes kill free. 2 is free from halo necklace. 3 is the free halo of goddess based on es.

Elementary: click out the ci, do not click low blood and lighting.

Intermediate: big ci open low blood

Advanced: low blood + normalizing. 1 is the animal skin + mixed, 2 is a big ci clothes + fragile bustling 


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