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Path of Exile the Awaking: 13 New Weapon Types (the Maraketh Weapon) + 2.0 Passive Tree Introduction


Here we will introduce 13 new different based types. They all belong to rare weapons. It is not easy to get. And the weapon striker power will not be higher than the current weapons. But most of Maraketh Weapon own built-in affixes. Today's news post includes linked versions of the second tier of Maraketh Weapons.

Maraketh weapon 1

Maraketh 2

Maraketh 3

Maraketh 4

The Awaking New Added Content: 2.0 Passive Tree- New added Gems- 2.0 Maps

2.0 Maps
A lot of new maps will appear in Act 4. Killing Monsters in ACT 4 will be better than farming maps. In Act 4, you can gain bonus due to killing bosses. And you can farm senior maps in previous maps.

GGG balances the claw passive tree
All immortal call series gems have common CD.
Gem systems: The special used gems (They can be used in the passive tree)
Rarity: legendary weapons and gems

As for the gem range, we divide it into three kinds of circles: big, middle and small. The following is the places which can put gems in.

2.0 passive tree

New base type
The base type like two-handed knives, the base crit-strike- 6%, the highest built-in affixes +50%

Dyadian Dawn

Null's Inclination

Sire of Shards

New Legendary weapon (70 new items)
Although I do not list all of the new items, in the near feature, you will have chance to see all of them. Hope you have a nice time!



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