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POE Static Strike Lv 100 Ranger Build – High Critical Damage


In this article, I will show you Static Strike LV 100 Ranger build. With this build, you can have high damage output, super life + blocking (you need to collocate with Rumi flask). And for critical strike build, this build is relative cheap. What you need to quip is Hegemony's Era and a 6L path of exile item.

First of all, see the LV 100 Ranger passive tree. You can begin this build with Duelist, Shadow, Ranger and Marauder.
Click here to see the passive tree.

Passive tree descriptions
1.In some critical build, they even can not get 50% critical strike rate. Personally speaking, you need to reach over 90% under the full ball circumstance. Therefore, in passive tree, I pick up many critical strike Coins.

2.I start the Coins with Ranger evasion Coins. I do not pick up the Coin of avoid being stun. Due to the blocking of staff, I will not go the line of evasion. Based on the base blocking 28% + Rumi flask, the blocking rate can reach above 65%. Supported by staff passive tree – power charge on critical and damage reduction mechanism – endurance charges, you can easily build the OP defense mechanism.

3.Hegemony's Era goes with 1.3 staff passive tree well. The passive tree Coin (Blunt Trauma: 50% increased strike chance with staves, knocks back enemies if you get a critical strike with a staff). There are two affixes in Hegemony's Era: +1 maximum power charge, 10% chance to gain a power charge if you knock an enemy with melee damage. The two attributes make a perfect collocation. Under the full-critical strike and full-accuracy circumstances, you can get unceasing power charge without linking power charge on critical and Assassin's Mark.

Equipment emphasis
The fundamental factor must be elemental resistance.
Weapon: Hegemony’s Era, the only choice! The higher the critical damage rate is, the better it will be. Then it is the physical damage.
Equipment: The blood is superior to other sides, then attacking speed and chaos resistance.

POE Static Strike Lv 100 Ranger Build – High Critical Damage

Ornament: Blood/ accuracy / physical damage / weapon damage
Girdle: blood/ weapon elemental damage
You need at least 2% mana leech from gems or passive tree.

Gem linking
1.Monster –clearing gem linking: Static Strike + Multi strike + Melee Physical damage + Weapon elemental damage + faster attacks + increased critical strike
2.Leveling gem linking: Static Strike + Multi Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Life Leech + Faster Attacks + Increased Critical Strike
3.LV 100 farming maps gem linking: Melee Splash + Multi Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Added Fire Damage + Flicker Strike + Added Critical Damage
4.Movement: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
5.Auras: Reduced Mana + Hatred + Herald of Ash + Herald of Lighting + Curse On Hit + Assassin's Mark
6.Cast when Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Enduring Cry + Increased Duration



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