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POE 1.3 Ranger Build with High Sword + Shield Blocking


Recently, I have found a new build for Ranger. The main feature of this build is high sword + shield blocking Ranger.

First of all, click here to see the passive tree.

In the passive tree, you may notice that the Coins I pick up are almost physical damage. Therefore, it will be no problem to change any type main-hand equipment.

Equipment and Skill choosing
I suggest that you may use main weapon: DPS 300+

Helmet: The Bringer of Rain (74% physical blocking needed)
Gem linking: Static Strike + Multi strike + Weapon elemental damage + Increased AOE or Concentrated Effect

Main-handed weapon: Soul Taker (Damage is limited, hard to be improved even though we can solve the mana –consuming problem.

POE 1.3 Ranger Build with High Sword + Shield Blocking

Shield: Rathpith Globe or Aegis Aurora
I prefer to Aegis Aurora (If you are double full blocking, you can choose Rathpith Globe + Rainbow stride)

Shoes: Windscream
Gem linking: Reckoning + Curse on Hit + Warlord's Mark + Enfeeble

Necklace: Stone of Lazhwar

Gloves: Blood + resistance
Reduced Mana + Herald of Ash + Hatred + Tempest Shield

Girdle/ Ring: Resistance

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