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POE 1.3 CoC + Cyclone + Puncture Build


Today, I will show you 1.3 CoC + Cyclone + Puncture build. In this build, I start with Shadow. The main advantages of this build are fast movement speed, farming speed and OP damage output and monster-killing!

And the main disadvantages of this build are it will not be immune to the reflex damage.

POE 1.3 CoC + Cyclone + Puncture Build

Equipment choosing
Weapon: Dagger- the basic requirement: critical rate 9% up > spell damage > critical strike bonus > attacking speed (In the passive tree, I pick up few Coins for attacking speed. The main reason is that the effect is not huge. After all, the attacking speed of cyclone is huge!)

Shield: Spell damage > critical damage > life

Armor: Blood Magic + life leech + power charge on critical + cyclone + puncture + increased AOE / increased critical damage

Helmet: critical strike
Gloves: critical rate / critical damage
Rings: 30% critical strike rate + intelligence > resistance > life > accuracy
Necklace: critical damage > critical rate> spell damage

Purity of lighting + Purity of Fire + Herald of Lighting + Herald of Ice

Gem linking suggestion
Helmet: Purity of lighting + Herald of Lighting + Herald of Ice + Reduced Mana
Gloves: Vaal Cyclone + Power charge on critical + critical chance + puncture
Shoes: Cast when damage taken + immortal call + increased duration + vaal haste
Weapon: Blood Magic + Blood Rage + Vaal Clarity
Shield: Purity of fire + reduced mana + righteous fire

Click here to see the Shadow passive tree


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