Standard Hardcore
Tempest Warbands

POE LV 100 Physical Critical Strike Bow Build (High Survivability + Critical Strike)


My build puts much emphasis on the blood. For me, blood means survivability, damage reflex loading capability and error-tolerate rate. Your damage is determined by your critical damage bow. As long as you have enough POE currency, you can change the weapon at any time.

Due to the existence of physical damage reflex maps and elemental damage reflex maps, weapon, blood and defense mechanism. The strength of weapon depends on the POE currency. Whether you can drive your weapon is determined by your blood and defense mechanism.

Main skills linking
AOE skills: split arrow + chain + faster attacks + added fire damage + increased critical damage + physical projectile damage

Single skill: freezing pulse + faster attacks + physical projectile damage + physical to lighting + increased critical damage + weapon elemental damage

Ranger Lvl 86 passive tree, please click here to see.

Defense Mechanism
Cast when damage taken + immortal call + increased duration + enhance
The gem combos are the perfect match with Daresso’s Defiance. And it is the best mechanism against reflex damage. With this armor, ranger can have 3 endurance charges when fighting with monsters. Once the damage suffered is more than 440, the defense mechanism will be triggered.

You will get 5-sec immune time. Even though you are in the maps with physical damage reflex, you can resist the reflex damage with this defense mechanism.

Main equipment
1. Armor: Daresso's Defiance (3 endurance charges) 
2. Helemt: Rat's Nest (high critical strike + high evasion rate)
3. Gloves: Maligaro's Virtuosity (Global critical strike)
4. Shoes: (movement speed 20-30% + life 60-89 + resistance / intelligence)
5. Girdle: Rustic Sach (life 70-99 + resistance + strength)
6. Quiver: Spike-Coin Arrow Quiver
More damage output: life = critical damage > critical rate > attacking speed > mana leech = accuracy = attacking speed = elemental damage %
Higher critical rating: life = critical rate > critical damage > attacking speed > mana leech = accuracy = attacking speed = elemental damage %

Ring: double reistance/ Diamond ring
Amulet: Agate Amulet /Onyx Amulet


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