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The Advantages and Disadvantages of POE 1.3 Updated Gems (Increased Critical Damage/ Increased Critical Strike/ Puncture / Physical to Lighting) You Need Know


As we all know that in POE 1.3 update, there are a lot of gems that are enhanced or weakened. Today I just want to show you the advantages and disadvantages of POE 1.3 updated gems. They are increased critical damage, increased critical strike, puncture and Physical to Lighting.

1. Increased Critical Damage (Weakened)
The base damage from 53%~109% is weakened to 50%~69%.
+2% increased critical strike multiplier per 1% quality is weakened to +0.5%. LV20+ Q20 is reduced to 79% from 149%.
Note: what 1.3 update affects phy critical bow build most must be this gem. 70% critical damage is cut. In order to make up the critical damage fall, you need quiver and necklace with more critical strikes.

2. Increased Critical Strike (enhanced)
The base damage from 72%~105% is increased to 90%~147%.
+1% increased Critical Strike Chance per 1% quality, it is the same as before. V20+ Q20 is increased to 167% critical chance from 125%.
Notes: This gem is really boosted greatly. But for phy critical strike bow, this gem can not substitute “Power Charge on Critical” completely. It is a matter of buff AOE instead of buff effect. When you get the power charge, you will enhance the critical chance. Therefore, the all skills critical chance of the character has been enhanced. But Increased Critical Strike only boosts the gems which it links. For phy critical bow, the single-target damage output has reached the maximum. Generally speaking, it will not link power charge or critical chance gems.

3. Puncture (weakened)
Puncture changes: 10% base physical damage per second, +50% physical damage for the moving targets 
Notes: This skill has been weakened greatly. I am just testing whether this skill can be substituted by other skills

4. Physical to Lighting (New Gem)
Gain N% lighting damage converted by physical damage, 50% physical damage converted to lighting damage
Notes: It will make shock enemies. The enemies shocked will gain extra 25% damage. Therefore, with this gem, you can enhance the physical bow damage output. The only disadvantage is that it will turn away 50% physical damage. Therefore, it will decrease the physical life leech and mana leech.




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