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POE 1.3 Accuracy + Tanking + Crit Mjölner Build


Compared with anemia Mjölner build, this accuracy Mjölner build is cheaper. You do not need good rings (you only need to add blood). There are a lot of ways to create a Mjölner build. You do not need to be limited into a blocking, evasion or auras Mjölner build. Here I will show you a POE 1.3 accuracy + tanking + crit Mjölner build.
First of all, the passive tree
Lvl 93 Marauder passive tree (blocking), click here to see

Lvl 93 Marauder passive tree (Faster attacks for Queen), click here to see

Lvl 93 Marauder passive tree (Faster attacks + auras for Queen), click here to see

Note: If you are an aura Mjölner build, use Alpha's Howl on order to take LvL 23 purity of fire and purity of lighting, and Herald of Lighting + Haste into use.
If you do not have Voll’s Devotion, I suggest you can use blocking type passive tree into use.

Recently, my blood reaches up to 6000 with Rumi's Concoction and passive tree. The difference between damage suffered and blocked damage is only 6% elemental damage.
1. Main Equipment

POE 1.3 Accuracy + Tanking + Crit Mjölner Build

2. Voll's Devotion

Voll's Devotion

3. Romira’s Banquet

5. Lighting Coil, Rathpith Globe Rainbow stride Devoto’s Devotion
6. Other equipment
Glove: high blood + resistance + strength + dexterity + attacking speed
Ring: life + resistance + dex or int or str
Girdle: high life + resistance + strength

Gem linking
Puncture + Arc + Life Leech
Lighting Coil
Molten Shell + Multistrike + Faster Attacks + GMP + Blood Magic + Life Gain on Hit
Cast when Damage Taken + Increase Duration + Immortal Call + Leap Slam
Elemental Weakness + Blood Magic + Lighting Wrap + Decreased Duration
Reduce Mana + Haste + Purity of Fire + Purity of Lighting
RF+ Herald of Ice + Reduce Mana

If you want to fight with the Queen, you will be easy to kill her with Voll’s Devotion. When fighting with the queen itself, you learn to dodge the damage, while fighting with the avatar, remember to use the blocking flask to resist the damage. As long as you have enough flasks, you can use RF.
Tips: Before the queen transformation, use Rumi’s Concoction in advance. And prepare the fire resistance flasks.



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