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Path of Exile Burning Damage Analysis: Searing Bond + Lightning Warp Totem/ Fire Trap/ Firestorm


If you have a character with burning damage, recently I found out a quite interesting gameplay. Although searing bond is a less popular skill, you may find its magic effect with other skills.

Searing Bond + Lighting Warp Totem
If you want to have an OP burning character, 2 totems are necessary.
According to the attributes of Searing Bond, you need to link other totem. If you use Lighting Warp Totem, you can change your attacking route.

Once you have known the above Coin, there are several choices.
1. Two totems will make the connection not be delayed.
2. Personally speaking, Searing Bond build with Lighting Warp Totem is quite necessary. As long as you change the locations of the totems, the connection will be changed instantly. In that way, you can inflict great damage on the enemies timely.
3. If using the Decoy Totem, you can lure a flying moth darting into the fire. But the immediate harm will not be made, because you can not change the location of the totem right away. After all, it will take a short time to summon the totem.

Recently I also try a new build. That is Fire Trap + Fire Storm + Freeze Mine. As for the defense, you can build a character with high defense + CI + High ES. The major skill is the fire trap.

The strategy of Defense
1. Melee Battle: Before killing monsters, you can put searing bond behind you so that the monsters close to you will be burned to death directly. If the monsters still can not die immediately, take freeze mine + kiting into account.
2. Ranged fighting: Fire Trap + Fire storm, burning the foes.

In general, any skill with fire will inflict remarkable damage to the foes. At the same time, Ignite is typically inflicted by critical strikes of fire damage. High fire damage output will make the enemies easily die. If you are in a map with many rooms and doors, throw a fire trap, then use fire storm which will ignore the wall and bomb the monsters in the room. The monsters running around will also be burned. Personally speaking, Searing Bond is really a good skill when you are faced with powerful monsters, while there are a few shortcomings with Fire traps in melee battle. But Searing bond can give your character good defense in melee fighting. As for firestorm, there are a lot of good attributes such as double hit, high rating to ignite the monsters, moving fast and long attacking range. The only disadvantage is the not high chance to hit. If you are lucky enough, you may strike the monsters for five times, or you may not hit them even once.

Besides, I want to say a fatal weakness about searing bond. That is the burning damage. How much damage within seconds? It will take time to burn the monsters to death. Even if your fire DPS has broken 10,000, the damage is also accumulated in a second. In a second, many circumstances will make you dead. Fast moving speed and fire connection within 0.1 second, 10,000 damage output may be 1000 in practice. From that Coin, you may say that the explosion of Fire Trap will be much better than searing bond.



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