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Path of Exile Cold Witch Build Sharing


The most attractive place of POE is rather flexible playing ways, whether you like it or not and equipment is suitable or inappropriate. As your equipment is advanced, your fighting will be greatly reduced without the good passive skill tree to match. As for Ice Master, there are many playing ways. The following way what I will talk about can be considered a mainstream style of playing in POE.

Cold Witch is a frozen injuries to slow down the move of enemy, coupled with the damage of critical strike.  Because Master is relatively weak, the attack speed is very demanding. Now, the fastest frost damage is Freezing Pulse, which is penetration effect. The attack range expands when Cold Witch is added the appropriate SURPPORT GEMS. In addition, Spell Totem can be used as the second Coin to output and attract monster damage, which can effectively increase Wizard’s chances of survival.

Freezing Pulse:

As you can see, I spent three support gems. Those SKILL GEMs are placed on the top of the hat, because this skill is no difference between the main hand and deputies. My CASTS PER SECOND has reached 2.4. Therefore, the attack speed is higher. This trick is as melee hurt, whose attack speed and range are very great.


Ice Spear

This damage is related to the distance. The farther, the better. Hence, when playing BOSS, I can use it to reduce  consumption of the value f element damage.

Mmaking team, I recommend using Elemental Weakness to reduces resistance to the elements,  of which the effect is significant for the whole team.

Spell Totem needs to be explained. It is matched with Ice Spear + Multiple Projectiles, whch allows TOTEM to cast 3 or 5 Ice Spear.

Look at the connection of my GEMS:

Freezing Pulse + Faster Casting + Multiple Projectiles + Increased Critical Damage
If conditions are right, you can consider useingItem Rarity. If there is a piece of superb 6LING clothes, you can add mana leech.

Ice Spear + Spell Totem + Multiple Projectiles + Faster Casting

Auro I want to use is Clarity and Discipline, increasing MANA and ES.

My weapon I choose is the WAND and SHIELD which increase SPELL DAMAGE and CAST SPEED. You can also be Increased Critical Strike Chance in the late of the game.


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