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  • The Introduction of Lacerate Skill Path of Exile

    LacerateThis is a very interesting skill of close combat, range and attack, as some of the contents below.1. First slash 2 times the waves of sword force, the more the waves away from you, the more wi...

  • The Skill of Berserker Ice Bow Path of Exile

    The BDs career is the Marauder, the upgraded Berserker. The main skill is Ice Shot and Barrage. This is a mainstream career. By using Berserker the Ascendancy Classes - Winds of Reaver, which can trig...

  • BD Developed by the New Flask Path of Exile 2.6

    A few Coins you should pay attention to:1. Because the binding of Unique becomes more, it is not recommended to use the BD for the first land reclamation. The best way is to collect all the Unique and...

  • Advanced Skill on the Calculation of Penetration Path of Exile

    PenetrationAs the name suggests, penetration is the resistance to elemental damage, used to reduce the damage to your own elements.• Penetration bounce back damage• Fire Penetration, Cold Penetratio...

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